6 Book Vloggers You Should Watch

Books with Chloe

This Aussie booktuber is an absolute delight, and probably the reason I started this blog in the first place. I stumbled on her channel a few weeks ago and dove head first into her reading vlogs. She’s been gently prodding (ahem. Coercing) her sister and boyfriend to read by picking TBRs for them. I also love her random dance parties.

This Story Ain’t Over

Every time I watch one of Jananie’s videos I add at least 2-3 books to my TBR. She reads a lot of very diverse stories that I never see talked about in other parts of Booktube, so if you’re looking for something different, definitely check her out.

Read by Zoe

Zoe has been a mainstay in my youtube subscriptions for years. She’s so silly, cute, and enthusiastic–but also honest about her struggles with mental health. I especially love her readathon blogs.

Brittany the Bibiophile

Brittany is a relatively new addition to my youtube, but I’ve been enjoying her vlogs quite a bit. A psych major, she examines her books a little differently than most of the other readers I’ve seen.

A Book Utopia

Ah, Sasha. Sasha Alsberg is somewhat infamous in the booktube community since she started publishing. I confess, I like her a lot better as a reader than a writer. But I do enjoy her vlogs and her booktube videos. I probably won’t be taking any of her writing advice, though….


Kat is the reason I got into Booktube in the first place. Goofy, awkward in the best way, and funny she reads primarily YA and sparked my interest in a lot of new books I’d never heard of when I first started watching. She’s also a writer (as yet unpublished), and while we have vastly different methods of working, I still enjoy listening to her talk about her work. Her non-book related content is also very, very funny.