Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language by Graham Fuller

Genre: nonfiction, language
CW: sexism (all examples in this book are male)
Format: audio
Rating: planchet-3

I started studying French on my own around the time I started working from home due to Covid. I’ve tried teaching myself the language before with pretty much zero success; I can get the vocabulary, but not the grammar. Anyway, I was hoping that this book would help me find a way to study that would actually be successful.

Overall, I found it disappointing. While it did help me come up with a way to arrange my studies and create what I hope is an effective lesson plan, the rest of the book is the sort of information you can find with a five minute Google or Youtube search.

The book does cover a wide variety of languages, but the particular download I got from my library had very poor audio quality and a lot of outdated references; it appeared to be copied directly from a cassette tape, and poorly at that. It’s only a three hour book and I listed on 1.5x speed so it was even less than that, but still. Don’t waste your time. Just go to Youtube. You can get the same info in about 15 minutes.