Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Genre: nonfiction
Secondary genre: personal finance
Format: audio
Rating: planchet

This book let me down. The only reason I even finished it was because it was so short, I think only about 3 hours on audio and far less with my accelerated listening speed.

I’ve been poor most of my adult life. Up until about two years ago, we still got food almost weekly from my parents because our household income fell into the black hole between the official poverty line (i.e. what the government says you need to make in order to deserve help in the form of food stamps, etc) and what would actually cover our bills. At one point I even applied for food stamps. I made $18 a year too much to qualify.

The first half of this book is mostly rambling. The second half of the book is really only useful if you have a large income and end up wasting it on junk. It completely fails to take into consideration the working poor, wage stagnation, and all the little things hourly workers frequently have to do without–such as health care, transport, child care, sick leave, etc. If you are in possession of common sense, skip this book the next time you’re at the library and pick up something on web design instead. It’ll be more useful if you’re looking for some extra cash.