Stockings and Spells by Nancy Warren

Genre: cozy mystery, holiday
Secondary genre: contemporary, paranormal
Format read: ebook
Series: The Vampire Knitting Club vol 5

Okay, yes. I am behind on posting reviews.

This cozy mystery series is far from great literature. It’s predictable, the characters are odd and not always in a charming way, the writing is so-so and non cis-het-white rep is pretty much nonexistant. The main character is neither a vampire, nor a knitter.

But I still love them.

I guess you could call them a guilty pleasure read for me, since there is absolutely nothing challenging about them. I find them relaxing and I usually get through them in a couple of sittings.

But anyway. The book.

This is a Christmas story set against the backdrop of and Oxford, England craft fair. The highlight of this event is a Tolkein-like author, reclusive in the extreme, who has been convinced to speak and sign books at the college attached to the fair. But things quickly go sideways when a vendor is attacked, people start turning up dead, and the author suddenly pulls out of the event. But the busy-body group of vampire knitters are on the case, trying to find out who is behind the violence and what secret the author is trying so hard to protect.

This was my de-stress read during an anxiety-laden trip home for the holidays. I don’t sit down to binge on these books, but when I’m feeling stressed I’ll usually pick one up to give my brain a break, and they usually do the trick. So if you want to wind down before bed, this series is a good pick.

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