Slam! by Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish

Genre: sports
Format read: graphic novel
Series: Slam! vol 1
Rep: POC (multiple)
Rating: planchet-4

**This review contains spoilers**

In this graphic novel series, 2 very different young women try out for their local roller derby league and become best friends.

I loved the concept, and the artwork, which is well done and uses a somewhat limited color pallet.

Jen is a grad student with her life all worked out. Maisie is just coming out of a bad breakup and looking to get back on her feet and rebuild her confidence. The two of them meet at try outs and instantly hit it off. By the time selections are made, even their cats are good friends! (It’s super cute.)

But just as derby is helping get Maisie back in control of her life, Jen’s starts to spin out of control. On separate teams, they start seeing less and less of each other. It finally blows up on the track.

This story of friendship made me smile from beginning to end. I did think the story telling was a bit choppy, but that might have been because of the way it was published (I don’t know if this was originally a graphic novel or if it came out in issue format or as a webcomic). I did like the story and I loved the way they came back together in the end.

If you’re into derby, or just looking for more female-centric comics, then this is definitely one you should check out.