Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

Genre: YA dystopian
Format read: audiobook
Content warnings: violence, death
Rep: disability
Series: Not a Drop to Drink vol 1
Rating: planchet-3

In a world where water is a limited and valuable commodity, Lynn has had to do hard things since she could walk. Hunt. Steal. And defend the pond that keeps her and her mother alive.

But when her mother dies suddenly, Lynn has to do all this on her own. That’s fine–she’s always been on her own to some extent.

But hard than all her chores–harder than hauling and purifying water, harder that shooting at trespassers and killing coyotes, might be learning to lean on others.

When a group of violent newcomers threatens not just Lynn but the entire area, she’ll have to make alliances if she wants to live.

Can she risk those alliances turning into actual friendships?

This was Mindy’s first book, and one of the few she’s written I hadn’t read yet. Dystopian isn’t really my bag, but it was still quite good. I haven’t decided if I want to read the second book in this duology, In a Handful of Dust. Have you read it? Should I give it a go?

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