Portland Book Haul!

I spent most of last week in Portland, OR.

And because it’s me, a good portion of that trip was spent in Powell’s.

For the uninitiated, Powell’s City of Books is an enormous bookstore that takes up an entire city block, 3 stories tall, and is filled with new and used books. The YA section alone was the biggest I’ve ever see–it dwarfed the YA section at the main library downtown here in Columbus, and that’s the largest in the city.

One of my favorite parts about Portland was the sheer number of bookstores I saw, just in the few days I was there. I could’t go into even a fraction of them, just because I was there with a group and *gasp, shock* not everyone wanted to go into a bookstore. I think I saw at least 7 bookstores, and not a single one was a Barnes and Noble or a Half Price. 3 of them were Powell’s (the flagship store, a smaller shop in…Belmont? And one location that specialized in home and garden books). And at least three libraries on top of that! I was in heaven.

I could have easily spent a couple hundred dollars at the flagship Powells, but I limited myself to just three books. Well, four, but one of them was a gift (I got Meddling Kids for Ash’s dad, since we were celebrating his birthday while we were there).

Odd and True–Cat Winters is a Portland-area author, so I wanted to get one of her books while we were in Oregon. I was hoping Powell’s would have an autographed copy, but alas.

The Prince and the Dressmaker–I’ve been seeing this one all over Booktube, and I can’t wait to read it.

Moxie–I’ve bee wanting to read this one for ages, but it hadn’t found a way into my TBR until now.

If you were in the world’s biggest bookstore, what would you pick up?

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